United Metals

United Metals specialises in trading non-ferrous metals in all its aspects.

As metals are indispensable in our life, we must handle them with care and United Metals is proud that with her experience of many years and extensive know-how she can give an important contribution to a sound recycling of these precious materials. For the future of your and our children a liveable environment is important and together with you we want to do our utmost to guarantee this. The people at United Metals are very well acquainted with the environmental rules and regulations and this enables us to advise our clients thoroughly and take over their administrative and logistic responsibilities as much as possible.

We feel very strongly about service and customer-friendliness; a careful protection of your interests is for us a matter of course. Expertise, reliability and flexibility make us the partner you can rely on.

For more information you can use the e-mail facility on this web-site and, of course,  you can also reach us via the telephone!